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Distance Learning

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Start learning the guitar without leaving your home!

Distance guitar courses around the world

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New Generation Guitar Corses

Distance Lessons

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You can learn from anywhere

Comfortable schedule

For children and adults

Individual program

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video lessons

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Any musical material

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Guitar courses in Almaty

Exit lessons

Traditional form of education

individually and in groups

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Enjoy the benefits of distance learning.

Study with a teacher at a comfortable time in a regular place.

For distance lessons you don't need to go anywhere, you only need a computer, a webcam and a guitar.


Choose a course that matches your level.
Courses for 3-6 months of study.
Various styles - fingerstyle, spanish, accompaniment





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Hi, my name is Vassya Pastukhov.

I have been teaching guitar for over 15 years individually and in groups, for more than 5 years by skype. Total guitar experience - 25 years.

Styles: fingerstyle, classic, flamenco, accompaniment, electric guitar.

The author of a youtube guitar channel with 85'000 subscribers, 17'000'000 video views.

The teacher in music schools and studios, the member of various musical groups.

The creator of fingerstyle arrangements, video courses and tutorials.